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Collaborative Learning Spaces (CLS)

A Better Place to Learn

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The Collaborative Learning Spaces Project (CLSP), an extension of the UA AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Project, is a university-wide collaborative effort at the University of Arizona to develop classroom environments that are more suitable for active learning pedagogies than traditional lecture halls. Many faculty at the University of Arizona realize that student engagement is critical to the success of active learning teaching strategies.  In an attempt to get 100% engagement, faculty, staff and administrators are moving to redesign the space in which classes are held.  The Collaborative Learning Spaces Project is not just an attempt to create spaces meant to enhance student collaboration and engagement, but is an example of a cross-institutional collaboration with the common goal of increasing student learning. 

The first initiative was a fast-paced pilot project to develop and test an active learning classroom. This pilot was conducted in the Science-Engineering Library’s Journal Room (Rm 200S) which was transformed into a large, 260-seat collaborative classroom. During the month-long pilot, the space was used by eight University of Arizona classes to explore active learning spaces in order to better understand the technology, physical space requirements, and pedagogical needs for building effective collaborative learning environments at the UA. Based on the encouraging results of the pilot, decisions have been made to convert the Science-Engineering Library space into a permanent Collaborative Learning Space for large classes that incorporate collaborative and active learning pedagogies and to pursue opportunities to transform existing classrooms to collaborative learning spaces.

The CLSP has been featured in several articles and videos including: A Different Kind of Space Launch, Classroom Innovator: Paul Blowers and CLSP Pilot Overview.

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